ukrainian manufacturer of premium class indoor floor convectors

Floor convectors

In-floor convectors are used in areas with panoramic glazing or low windows: residential areas, winter gardens, office and office buildings, salons and trade halls.

Connection: 2 x internal thread. 1/2, suitable for all threaded connections,

Air valve: built-in.


Convectors are placed in the floor, do not take up space and do not disturb the interior as classic radiators. The final shape of the convector determines the design of the top grating. You can choose a grating of anodized aluminum or wood.


The convector fans are controlled by a digital thermostat, providing convenient and economical operation with optimal thermal comfort and low noise. All elements of the convectors operate with a safe constant voltage of 24 V DC. The small volume of water in the heat exchangers ensures fast heating to the operating temperature. The convectors are heated if necessary without any start-up delays and inertia after completion of the request.


Cold air accumulating at the window is absorbed by a diameter fan and blown through a heat exchanger. Located on the side of the room, the convector provides optimal shielding of incoming cold air from the window. The heated air enters the room gradually, without forming a draught.


Diameter fans correspond to applications optimized in aerohydrodynamic terms and adapted to the length of the convectors.


The indoor thermostat is used to smoothly adjust the floor convectors. This regulation ensures maximum energy efficiency and offers unlimited possibilities for integration into automatic home management systems.