The COOLTHERM product line is optimized in terms of noise, heat dissipation and electricity consumption required for fan operation.

10 reasons for choosing COOLTHERM convectors

  • Manufacturer of system solutions - a wide range of models for each building, interior and method of heating

  • Extremely quiet operation regardless of convection mode

  • Various design solutions, individual design and functionality: bevels, arches, recesses

  • Innovative technologies and unique solutions - all elements meet the functional requirements of the product

  • High productivity and the optimum decision including for heat pumps

  • Economical operation, low energy consumption, safety for the environment

  • Fully galvanized (galvanic method) steel box and box elements, high-quality coating made by powder coating of all elements of the box

  • Fast heat production - efficiency, environmental friendliness, energy savings and heat carrier

  • Universal application - for inside and outside installation, for dry and wet environments

  • For all energy sources - heat pumps, gas, electricity, solar energy, wood and biomass